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Disciplinz started as a work in progress PHP+Mysql applicaion for handling patient-data in medicine between several departments like radiology, pathology and photography department. While there are comercial products out there (at least I think so) providing such functionality, they usually mean a migration to such an integrated concept like a full-blown HIS (hospital information system). In the place I work, there is a bunch of island-solutions coexisting without knowing about each other, Disciplinz aims to provide a simple to use interface to bring data of all them together.. For a start, dont expect any fancy DICOM- or Backup&Storage Solutions...


As my spare time for this project gets shorter, other tools needed for my work have joined this project while having nothing to do with the Aims of the Disciplinz-Project itself, so this has basically become a repository for tools aimed at easying my everyday work live..

So far the list of tools includes

  • disciplinz?, the "main project" - aimed at providing a medical case-study frontend, written in PHP
  • CIRS, a simplistic "critical incidence reporting system", written in PHP
  • docplan, an Excel tool for planning/assigning daily activities to all doctors in a department
  • FAK-U, a PHP script to update/monitor progress in reaching the Goals of my "FachArztKatalog", a catalog to become a "medical specialist"
  • CMEtabber?, a PHP script which reads Powerpoint/PDF-files in a directory and forms a table of links to them, sortable by date, author and title - using javascript.. useful if you dont have a CMS/Server-based Scripting-Engine for that:)
  • protomuncher, a PHP script to parse MRI-Protocols produced by Siemens Magnetom Scanners as PDF-Files
  • csv_transformer, a PHP script for aggregation of results produced by MeVIS Pulmo 3D prototype software for Lung Analysis

I also plan to keep a few tutorials here

mainly step-by-step tutorials for my work site... this section has no underlying code included, but helps me keep track :)


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